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Why do TweakNets offer a free IT network audit in Melbourne? The reason is simple; we at TweakNets understand the importance of developing relationships and trust with vendors in order to allow your business to perform everyday tasks. We believe the best way to see if TweakNets would be a good fit for your business needs is to allow you to try us first.

Allow us to perform a crucial network audit and provide our expertise with no obligation.

The free network audit allows us to get a better idea of your current IT infrastructure, how we can assist in helping your business succeed, and at the same time allows you to see how we work and ask questions as we go. We will go over your entire computer network, offer our recommendations, and point out any crucial security issues. Most companies would charge up to $500 for the audit, however, we offer this service for free just for you inviting us to your location.

There is no obligation with our audit session. This is an opportunity, free of risks, for you to see how TweakNets fits with your business’ culture and needs.

During Your FREE IT Network Audit We Will…

‣Check your IT network  Infrastructure ,Servers and other network components

‣Check your current backup solution to insure it is working properly and accurately securing your important files which are critical to your company’s success.

‣Discuss any technology projects you may be considering or other technological questions.

‣Provide a second opinion on any technological quotes received (ex. equipment pricing, consulting services, etc)

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